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Frequently Asked Questions

Are photos downloaded with or without watermarks?

Photos will be downloaded free from watermarks after customers create an account and a password and only after an image has been purchased. The image downloaded will be the original full size file without the watermark in full optimum resolution and usually @300dpi.
GlobalNet Pictures reserves the right to watermark any photos on this website before they are downloaded regardless of whether they are or are not the sole copyright of GlobalNet or another party, which in the latter case means the image would then be supplied as a technical service instead and charged on a space rate usage basis to customers for the technical service. This is to protect the image from being downloaded and used before payment has been made. Downloaded images purchased via a created account on a completed checkout will then be supplied free from watermarks.

And another FAQ

Are the gallery pictures below the news stories the only ones available?

Not all pictures that are available for a story are visible to all visitors to the website. You have to create an account or log in to see the full extent of images that can be purchased. There is a vast additional amount of images that can be found on the database after you login just by searching by name or subject.

Another FAQ

Are discounts available for pictures purchased only for website use?

Yes. If you spend at least £150 on pictures (inc vat when applicable) that are only for website use then you can use the SAVE25 voucher code to save £25. if you spend at least £250 on website only purchases then you can save £50 instead by using the SAVE50 voucher. This offer is only available for website pictures and can only be used once depending on the total amount spent.