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Paedo footballer Adam Johnson freed from jail but banned from being alone with daughter,...

Former England player returns home after serving jail time for underage sex but will be monitored when with his daughter

‘Meathead’ Paul Mitchell jailed for 14 weeks for attack on Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish

Birmingham City dad-of-one, described by ex-pals as a 'meathead', has received death threats after he ran onto the pitch and punched rival club's midfield ace during televised match

Apprentice winner Dr Leah Cotton criticised for offering free surgery to scarred Everton fan

Critics say it's a shameless PR stunt to promote Leah Cotton's business

Everton fan Jay Burns reveals horrific scar he received from Millwall thug

Scouser posts 'selfie' showing massive scar after Everton fans fight with Millwall at Surrey Quays