Liverpool scrape a win and three points after Wolves denied two penalties

Enterprise News and Pictures 15/3/21 Pic shows: Replay showing Liverpool goalkeper Allison fumbling the ball and then completely taking out Wolves' Nélson Semedo for a nailed on penalty in the opening minutes of tonight's premier league match, but remarkably the referee doesn't give it and VAR does not even appear to look at it, even though everyone watching the game saw it was a foul. Even former Liverpool player Jamie Carragher at half time said it was a penalty and Twitter went into meltdown as Wolves were robbed, asking why it was ignored by VAR. The replay was eventually shown tonight here on the Sky Sports website after th game but not posted by Sky on social media during the game. Wolves were also denied another penalty claim later in the game - which was also not replayed on social media by Sky - and Liverpool ended up winning the match 1-0. See story...

Liverpool keeper Allison fumbled the ball and then completely took out Wolves’ Nelson Semedo for a nailed on pen in the opening minutes in the live game on Sky tonight.

Even former Liverpool player Jamie Carragher admitted it was a penalty but the referee and VAR saw nothing wrong with the challenge at all.

The Reds then took the lead through former Wolves forward Diogo Jota on the stroke of half-time before Wolves were denied another strong penalty shout later on in the game and Liverpool won 1-0.
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